The very first amateur radio audio mic processing product using professional broadcast design technology….


Multi-band audio processor/dynamic audio compandor with parametric equalization.


  • Multiband compressor (5 bands), with adjustable threshold and gain.
  • 5 variable frequency active parametric equalizers, tuneable to your voice.
  • Variable audio expandor, with adjustable threshold, adjustable release time, and adjustable expansion depth.
  • Digital audio gain control, utilizing PWM technology with 5x oversampling, and no-latency design.
  • Optimized attack/release times for each compression stage.
  • Front-panel momentary / latching PTT switch, with LED indicator, and PTT accessory jack for foot-switch PTT control.
  • Modular & 8 pin circular mic input jacks with mic configuration switches, supporting most  Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu microphones.
  • Selectable XLR mic input with switchable 48v phantom power for pro and studio condenser mics.
  • RFI protected inputs/outputs.
  • Bi-color LED indicators on each compressor band and expandor circuit.
  • Operate/bypass switch for a/b comparisons.
  • Adjustable mic gain with bi-color level indicator,  and active internal mic limiter to reduce preamp over-drive.
  • Low-frequency rumble-eliminating active 30Hz high-pass filter.
  • Phase rotator circuit symmetrizes voice peaks and optimizes loudness.
  • Up to 3 transceivers can be connected simultaneously (on selector switches – separate receive AND transmit).
  • VOX-capable (using expandor circuit trigger).
  • Line level record output and adjustable auxiliary output jacks.
  • Controls/adjustments accessible without removal of cover.
  • Headphone monitor with mixer (mic audio monitor and ext. receiver audio input)- allowing operator to monitor both transmit and receive audio simultaneously.
  • Shielded, metallic-panel enclosure, ergonomically designed for ease of use.
  • Output connects to rig ‘direct-in’ for improved audio quality- specify rig type when ordering for proper cabling.
  • Conventional, universal AC/DC input voltage power supply  connection.


Designed and built by:

OMEGA-RF, a division of  JT Communications, LLC Ocala, FL


last updated 12/1/22